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What you could be missing by not
trying our artisan products
  • Looking younger and more beautiful with our multi-purpose selection of moisturizers.

  • Since our products are multi-purpose it will make your beauty routine easy and affordable, with long-lasting results.

  • Our understandable ingredient list, containing all-natural ingredients and our lavender essential oil, quickly restores the natural radiance of your skin.

Plan a visit for July 2023.
  • Relaxing amongst the lavender.

  • A stunning backdrop to your photos.

  • Unwinding in our lavender meditation labyrinth.

  • Quality lavender experiences with limited tickets available.

  • Shop our lavender boutique and lavender plant nursery.

Don’t miss the small window of
time to rent our unique venue
  • To have an intimate July wedding ceremony.

  • To create a memorable experience for a yoga class, special birthday, family event and more.

  • To capture the golden light for after hour photography.

 Lavender inspired treats
while supplies last.
  • Lavender flowers are a flavour enhancer, bringing out the flavours of the food it is paired with.

  • Lavenders flavour can be described as apple-like, with mint undertones and floral sweetness.

  • Lavender pairs beautifully with baked goods, dairy, citrus, berries, honey and much more.



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Peace of mind, knowing you have the finest, affordable, handcrafted body care products for inner peace and outer radiance to sustain your total wellness.

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Women With Hand on Side Face

“I was using random drugstore products for my adult acne and it was getting worse. Then I met Sabena and learned it is about feeding your skin as you would your body. It needs nourishment, not chemicals and harsh treatments. She helped me understand skincare in a whole new light. I now invest my time and money into my skincare routine. It truly is an investment in your overall health. I love the Laveanne products, the heavenly scent of lavender and how they make my skin feel and look.

Thank you.”

Danielle C

“I love the Rejuvenating Hand and Body Cream, I use it on my face twice a day. I have mature skin and my face was dry with some fine lines. I can’t believe the change in my skin and how using
all-natural products has strengthened it. I even think I look younger! Can’t say enough wonderful things about Laveanne’s all-natural products!”

Fatima H

“Love love love the Laveanne products, all of them. The sweet scent of lavender never fails to leave me feeling relaxed and happy. My favourite way to unwind is to use the Radiance Sugar Exfoliating Scrub, it always makes me feel more grounded and refreshed and leave my skin baby soft.”

Rachel T

Jar of Lavender Cream


Rows of Blooming Lavender
Brown Glass Bottle with Lavender Essential Oil
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