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Rows and rows of blooming lavender
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Laveanne is home to four acres of lavender; we have created a relaxing and tranquil ambiance for our many visitors to enjoy. If you want to see blooming lavender fields you must visit us in July.

Over 10,000 lavender plants burst into colour in the month of July. The colour and experience are different each week as the deep dark purple buds start to open and the colour intensity brightens to a bright purple at full bloom, around the middle of July and then slowly fades to a dark purple again as the blooms finish.

Both English and Lavandin lavender varieties are growing in our fields. The English lavender has the shorter flower stems and the rich purple colour and sweet lavender scent. Lavandin has long flower stems and light purple colour. Lavandin has a powerful lavender scent, with an herbal, camphor-like undertone.

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Month of July

If you want to see blooming fields of lavender you have to visit in July. The bloom is short, and the best time is between the 2nd- 3rd week of July to see the most intense colour and experience the amazing buzz of thousands of Honeybees. ( no concern, the bees are so busy collecting nectar that they don’t even notice us ).

A rough estimate of bloom dates:

July 1st to 9th, in the bud, starting to open by the end of the week.

July 10th to 16th, opening buds to full bloom.

July 17th to 23rd, full bloom to starting to fade.

July 24th to 31st, fading flowers and flower harvest.

We harvest the beautiful blooms at the beginning of August to be able to distill our lavender essential oil. The fields are closed  August 1st to June 30th the following year. This allows us to harvest, process, prune our plants, continue weeding and maintaining the aesthetics of the fields. The gift shop will remain open during this time. Please see our gift shop hours on "our location" page.

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