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Reflection Labyrinth at Laveanne
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Designed for meditation and relaxation. The labyrinth at Laveanne is a nine circuit, modified Neo- Medieval labyrinth, which measures over 30 meters in diameter. It’s welcoming spiralling grass paths, wide enough for one, with room for another to pass, it’s flanked on both sides with purple mounds of lavender. In July the labyrinth experience is enhanced with the steady, soothing, buzzing sound of our honeybees.

A labyrinth is different from a maze. Labyrinths are unicursal, meaning they have only one way in and one way out and have either short or no walls at all. With a labyrinth, you can never get lost and there are no wrong turns, it is designed for meditation and relaxation. A maze, on the other hand, is more a tool for testing intelligence, it is designed to confuse and frustrate.


Labyrinths are designed following sacred geometry. Through proportion, placement, and position, using a complementary system of numbers, angles, and designs, the mind is induced into a state of relaxation, comfort and harmony, leaving the walker open to other levels of awareness. We feel certain security or inner peace from such forms. The numerous 180 degree turns sending you back in the direction you just came from, allows your mind to flip/flop from thinking to feeling, thinking to feeling. Left brain, right brain, left brain, right brain. This brings your body and mind, into a state of balance, peace, and calm. It is like a meditation. 


Our labyrinth is called the "Reflection Labyrinth" and was designed by Marty Kermeen, to help develop an awareness of relationship to others. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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