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  • Are the fields & labyrinth open daily?
    Due to the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions the fields will be open with restrictions to control the number of people in the fields at one time. We are asking visitors to book an appointment for field visitation. Drop-ins may not be able to be accommodated. To allow as many people to experience the short bloom, that happens in July, we are only able to allow a one hour visit. This will be enough time to enjoy the fields and to take pictures of your experience, walk the lavender labyrinth, read the descriptive panels that explain what we do here and enjoy a seat on our terrace to enjoy the view. Our Lavender Boutique and plant nursery will only be offering curb-side pickups for on-line orders. Our store and nursery are too small to safely social distance. Thank you for your understanding. After the July bloom and flower harvest, the fields will be open with an appointment to anyone who would like to walk our labyrinth until September 22nd.
  • Is there an admission fee?
    There is an admission fee by appointment for accessing the fields in July during the week and on weekends. You can find details on our lavender fields page.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Dogs are not allowed. Many of our visitors enjoy laying in the grass, having a picnic on the grass, or walking in the grass ( earthing ). For this reason, we only allow trained service animals. Please also respect that some people are afraid of dogs. We would like everyone to enjoy a relaxing day here at Laveanne. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Can I bring my own picnic lunch?
    Our grounds are nice for a picnic. You are welcome to bring your lunch on a warm day and enjoy a picnic lunch in the lavender fields if you can eat your lunch in the one-hour time slot that you purchased. If you decide to bring a lunch please also bring your chairs or picnic mat, a sunhat, sunshade, or sunscreen. Lavender loves to grow in full sun, so there is very little shade here.
  • Can I take pictures in the fields?
    We encourage you to take photos of friends and family and share them on social media. As an individual or family coming to our fields to enjoy the bloom, and to take some casual pictures of your family or friends there is no photo fee. Photo fees would only apply if you were to profit from selling the pictures or your photography services or session fees. In the case of stock images or portraits. Refer to the booking instructions found on our private photo session page. No drone fly-overs or photography permitted during public business hours.Drone photography requires Laveanne's prior consent and a full field reservation fee (after business hours) per one hour time slot (see photo policy, photo permit fee structure).
  • When is a photo permit required?
    If your photograph is to be used for a profit purpose currently or into the future, such as marketing, promotion or portfolio to sell the photograph or photography services as a result of photography taken here at Laveanne then a photo permit is required to support the costs associated with maintaining this venue. For any personal not for profit photography, a permit is not required, during public business hours only.
  • Is drone photography allowed?
    No drone photography permitted during public business hours. After hour drone photography requires Laveanne's prior consent and a full field photo permit.
  • Am I required to hire my own photographer?
    Yes, you are required. Laveanne does not provide the photographer with the photo permit. You can search our resource page "Find a Photographer for hire" for participating photographers.
  • When are photo permits available?
    Photo permits for the upcoming season begin booking January 1st for the coming year. Photo permits are available before and after public business hours only (5:30am to 8:30am and 5:30pm to 8:30pm, July only). No photo permits or "for-profit photography" is permitted during public business hours. Please see our Photo Policy.
  • Is the terrace wheel chair accessible?
    There are either fine gravel paths or grassed paths, leading to the terrace with gentle slopes, we have had wheelchairs maneuver around this terrain in the past. Although it could depend on the type of wheelchair. The wheelchairs with head support are suggested to use the limited gravel path.
  • Is the outdoor terrace shaded?
    Laveanne's Terrace is an outdoor terrace with partial shade for most of the terrace and only a small area is full shade.
  • Could you suggest places to stay in the area?
    Planning a Holiday in Kawartha/Northumberland, check out for places to stay. ( for more information on area attractions click Kawartha/Northumberland Tourism )
  • What else is there to do in the area?
    Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please check on-line places of interest before you travel. Certain attractions may have to remain closed such as theatres or may have restrictions on the number of people at one time. Port Hope is an interesting and intriguing place. Leaving Laveanne and going left or south on Gilmour Rd. the first place you could explore is our neighbour at # 8382, Lindwood Acres Trout Farm is open daily for tours of his stock ponds and fresh fish purchase. Continuing down the road, if you turn left on Ganaraska Rd. 9 and go East until you get to HWY. #28. There, then turn right going South towards Port Hope, you will discover two very different but very interesting shopping experiences, Herma’s Fine Foods ( more than just food ) and then Primitive Designs. Continuing South on HWY. # 28 you come into the Town of Port Hope. Like a time capsule, the downtown architecture captures the flavour of small-town Ontario in the late 1800s, enhanced by its renowned antique, boutique, galleries and one of a kind shops. If you plan to stay for dinner, Port Hope has many fine restaurants to choose from, with cuisine ranging from North American, European, Thai, Chinese or Greek. You can find cafes & pubs that can provide a relaxing break to your day out. There is so much more to do, but this may require a longer stay. They include live theatre, museums, architectural tours, outdoor recreation and much more. ( for more information see the website for things to do in the area).
  • Planning a Stay-over in Kawartha / Northumberland?
    The region comprised of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough & the Kawarthas & Northumberland County, a prime vacation destination for the Greater Toronto Area. (please see the Kawartha / Northumberland Tourism website for things to do in the area).
  • Why are the fields only open in July?
    August 1st the fields will close to allow us to harvest and prune the plants. The fields only bloom once in July. Please contact us for more booking information. The fields will not bloom a second time since we prune them hard in August. Please note: Only the fields will close. The Lavender Boutique, and nursery will be open for curb-side pickups for purchases made on-line.. Please refer to our business hours for the gift store.
  • What we offer?
    *During the month of July only photo oportunities for personal and professional photographers are available. Please see our Photo Policy for more information. *An impressive range of beautiful handmade lavender products available all year through our online Lavender Boutique or instant curbside shopping ( hours available here ). *In July a special place to visit with friends, family, by yourself, or with a group. *An opportunity to savour the tasty lavender inspired delights in July through Laveanne's Lavender Outdoor Boutique or online, all year. *An opportunity to wander through our colourful lavender fields, and a meditation labyrinth in July. *In July the chance to relax, recharge and be inspired by our views and peacefulness. As well as the local bird and animal life to admire. *For more information please see our Visitors Information page.
  • Are guided tours available every day?
    Due to Covid-19 daily tours will not be available this season. Instead, a virtual visitor guide will be sent to each person who makes an appointment.
  • When can I buy lavender plants?
    Lavender plant sales are available each spring / summer here as curbside or by appointment. Contact Laveanne for availability
  • Are you open all year?
    Yes we are open all year. Our handmade lavender products are available online all year for shipping and curbside during our location business hours. Everyday in the month of July only for the lavender field bloom. Please see our location page for details.
  • How do I get to Laveanne?
    Travelling FROM THE EAST The most direct route if travelling from the East by way of Hwy 401 involves taking the Port Hope exit 464 North. This route, along Hwy 28 North will bring you to Ganaraska Rd. Simply turn left on Ganaraska Rd. until you see Gilmour Rd. on the right-hand side in Campbellcroft. See google map. Travelling FROM THE WEST If travelling from the West by way of Hwy 401, exit on to Hwy 115 and go North until you reach the exit for Kirby. (County Rd. 9 Ganaraska Rd.) Take Ganaraska Rd. East until you reach Gilmour Rd. approximately 22 km. This route allows you to experience the true beauty of the rolling hills of Northumberland County. See google map.
  • Is "Curb-side" pickup available?"
    Yes, curb-side pickup is available during the check out process. *Curbside orders are picked within minutes during business hours. Curbside option is selectable within the ship method box during online checkout. Depending on device or browser open the down arrow "chevron" to select, instead of expedited.
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