The lavender bloom is over for the 2020 season. Thank you for visiting this July and supporting our family and the lavender field with your purchases. Please sign up for our newsletter for a bloom reminder for the 2021 lavender bloom season.




Each season we welcome thousands of visitors wanting to experience lavender. With Covid-19 restriction on group gathering still in effect, we need to limit the number of visitors and the duration of their stay. This is the only way that we can allow as many visitors as possible to experience the lavender bloom. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we together work through this difficult situation.

  • The site is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

  • Please bring your own folding chairs to sit, we are not allowed to offer seating this season.

  • Please keep your pets at home. Dogs are not allowed, except guide dogs.

  • Please note public washrooms are not available this season, so please plan ahead.

  • Drop-ins may not be able to be accommodated, admission appointment ticket required. No exceptions.

  • Due to Covid-19 no cash sales.

  • Visa, MasterCard, Interac, e-transfer accepted. 

  • This season Laveanne Lavender fields will have to be a rain or shine event and we mean even if it is raining. The lavender bloom is short, we only have the month of July.

  • Since our on-farm store and nursery are too small to have safe social distancing, both are closed to the public.

  • We are offering online shopping with curbside pickup or shipping options.

  • Lavender grows in the full sun, make sure that you are prepared with a sun hat, sunshade, sunscreen and rain apparel for rain days.

  • We recommend comfortable shoes, that are good for walking.

  • We have removed all of the seating on our terrace to maintain public health requirements.

  • If you can eat your lunch within your one hour visitation time, you are welcome to bring your picnic lunch and enjoy the grounds, B.Y.O picnic mat or folding chairs and please social distance.

  • We have a beautiful lavender meditation labyrinth for you to walk, it is about a 12-minute walk to walk the whole labyrinth.

  •  No drone fly-overs permitted during public business hours (See photography sessions for more information)

  • Group rate for tour operators and travel agencies. (Canceled for this season)

  • There are many other unique experiences to discover in Port Hope (please see the website for things to do in the area).

  • Want to discover Northumberland county and see what it has to offer? Please see Northumberland Tourism’s website for other exciting places to visit while you’re In the area.

If you have any questions that you don’t see addressed here, please see our FAQ or our Covid-19 Update and Protocol. Thank you for your understanding as we work through this difficult time.




Laveanne Lavender Fields Rain-or-Shine Blossom Event- and what that means for you:

  • We don’t ever want you thinking that we’ll cancel for a little rain.

  •  We don’t want you thinking you won’t have fun even if there is rain. Come prepared with an umbrella or rain poncho. We wait all winter for the chance to dance in a warm summer rain so here is your chance.

  • We’re a small business and we don’t get a second chance at this. There’s no insurance for rain (voluntarily closing down because of rain is not one of the things insurance covers.

  • We don’t refund admission due to rain or bad weather. What we will do is give you a destination reward the value of your admission ticket price for coming out in the weather and a list of other things you could do in the area.

  • We want you to know we’re committed to you. We hope to make your visit with us enjoyable, educational and entertaining.

When we might cancel:

  • If it’s super dangerous (that’s rare) weather like a tornado or very large thunderstorm that will last hours or a storm that brings sustained winds of 56 km/h for at least one hour. That makes it impossible for people to stay dry and it is just not good weather to be in. 

  • If we can’t predict the storm: Sometimes we just watch the weather and it says that we’re in the middle of a storm but there is no bad weather in sight.

How we’d cancel or delay (in the very rare occasion):

  • We could wait it out if the storm is not going to last much longer.

  • We will give you a destination reward for coming out in the weather that is valued at the same price as your ticket cost. As well as suggestions for other things you could see in the area.

What has changed:

Our goal has always been for our visitors to have a memorable and uplifting experience when visiting us. Now we would like to add safe and comfortable as well. We have implemented new measures to ensure your safety during our July lavender bloom. With four acres of rolling lavender fields, we can make safe social distancing very achievable.

We have put together a comprehensive protocol that will address the challenges we will all face to stay healthy as the restrictions begin to ease.

Before your arrival, visitors will be asked to make reservations on our website for the July lavender bloom visitation. This is to eliminate cash exchange and encourage the quick movement of traffic through the fields. We will be limiting the visitation time to one hour. We will also limit the number of visitors in the field at one time, and the number of people sitting on our terrace. The informative slide presentation in the shed will be replaced with a digital copy of our visitor's guide that we will send our visitor upon booking.

July is the only month that you can see blooming lavender fields and July is when we have a very high visitation rate. Since large events and mass gatherings can contribute to the spread of COVID-19, we have cancelled all special events such as dinners, workshops, seminars, and yoga classes. This year also, we will not have food service. Due to Covid-19, we needed to remove all the seating from our fields and our terrace, our public seating for picnic lunches is not allowed this season. Although you are welcome to bring your picnic lunch and enjoy the grounds during you hour visit, as long as 2 meters of distance is maintained between each household and utilizing a single picnic blanket or folding chairs that you supply yourself (and do not share with any other of our customers). This the only way picnic blankets or folding chairs are permitted for use at Laveanne this season. Thank you for your understanding. Since our on-farm store and nursery are too small to have safe social distancing, they will both be closed to the public, although we will be offering online shopping with curbside pickup or shipping options. We hope to meet your expectation for lavender bloom visitation in the following ways:

What we will offer this season:

  • The one-hour visit schedule is to allow as many visitors as possible to experience the lavender bloom.

  • Appointments are a must due to Covid-19 restrictions. Pre-visit appointments are the only way to ensure that you will be served upon arrival.

  • This is a Rain or Shine visit, on a rain visit we show our appreciation for coming out with a destination reward. Summer rains can be fun and often they are intermittent.

  • You are welcome to bring your own folding chair to sit on our terrace and enjoy the music.

  • De-stress as you walk our meditation labyrinth.

  • Our beautiful fields make a stunning backdrop to your pictures.

  • Enjoy the quiet of our farm, we are very fortunate to be surrounded on two sides by the Ganaraska Forest, we often see interesting birds and wildlife.