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Our “Sweet Scentsation” gift set  is sure to relax you, even from the busiest of days.

Sweet Scentsation KIt includes:
- Lavender Mist (59ml)
- Small lavender bud sachet (14 grams)
- Pure lavender essential oil (I0 ml)

Sweet Scentsation

Lavender Mist 59 ml
Our Lavender Mist, is lavender hydrosol, the by product of distillation of our essential oil, with a natural preservative added to ensure shelf life . The hydrosol is clear and does not stain bed linens . It can also be used on pillows, sofa, curtains and even in the closets . Studies indicate the scent of lavender may improve sleep quality, mood , concentration and reduce anxiety , as well as reducing the pain of headaches . Other uses , are hydrating dry skin , soothing and cooling hot and sensitive sunburned skin, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, rashes, cuts, burns, bug bites, diaper rash, razor burn, after waxing treatment, and more. Also as a healing facial toner or as a final rinse after shampooing , for added shine.
Lavender Sachet 14 g
The relaxing scent of lavender can be used to freshen closets and drawers, calm feeling of anxiety as well as help you sleep. To refresh sachet rub gently between your hands to release the essential oils in the lavender buds.
Pure Lavender essential oil 10ml

Lavender essential oil comes from fresh lavender flowers. Lavender oil is well known for its relaxing scent,  mildly sedative quality and healing ability as well as its antiseptic or germ-killing properties. It takes an acre of lavender flowers to yield about 3.8 litres of essential oil. We use a copper still to distill our essential oil.

Our essential oil is 100% pure English lavender ( Lavandula angustifolia ) essential oil, it is suggested for external applications only and not for culinary purposes. Our lavender oil is processed in small batches in our own custom built, hand hammered, Portuguese copper still to ensure the highest quality aromatherapy oil.

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